How to Maximize AC Efficiency

Looking for ways to keep your energy bill low and your air conditioning efficient this summer? Look no further! We’ve collected a few tips to help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Clean Air Vents

You can increase air flow and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by getting rid of dust and debris buildup in your vents. Gently vacuum the dust out of the registers and the area around them. You also want to keep these areas free of curtains, blinds, furniture, and other objects that may block the vent.


Fun fact: Avoid cleaning out your ductwork just to improve efficiency. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “little evidence exists that cleaning only the ducts will improve the efficiency of the system.” Instead, they recommend cleaning out ductwork only when necessary.


Clean the Condenser

Clean the area around the condenser to reduce the number of sticks, leaves, grass clippings, and other debris that may clog it. For this reason, clear any shrubs or branches away from the condenser. The U.S. Department of Energy says clearing foliage back at least two feet can “allow for adequate airflow around the condenser.”

Additionally, the EPA says that cleaning the cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers can also improve the efficiency of your system, “resulting in longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance saving costs.” We recommend contacting a professional to safely clean the condenser.


Where you place your thermostat impacts the efficiency of your AC system. Placing it in a bad area, like near the kitchen or somewhere that sees a lot of sunlight, can force the thermostat to sense more heat than necessary. The thermostat then keeps the air conditioning unit running longer, driving up energy costs and causing unnecessary strain on the unit. Likewise, if you have lamps or other appliances that produce heat near your thermostat, you may want to consider moving them away from the thermostat.

Additionally, you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees to save money on energy costs. Alternatively, you can supplement with a dehumidifier or a fan. A programmable thermostat can turn the temperature up while you’re away and back down when you’re home.

Insulate Ductwork

Insulated ductwork can prevent cool air from leaking out through unsealed areas or joints. Unsealed ducts can result in energy loss by allowing in warm air. This makes your AC unit work harder and increases energy costs. By sealing your ducts, you can reduce this energy loss as well as improve air quality.

Change Filters and Routine Maintenance

Routinely changing filters maintains efficiency and airflow. Using a filter clogged with dirt and debris forces the unit to work harder to adjust the temperature. By changing filters, you can improve air flow and keep the number of dust and particulates down. Change or check on your filters every 30-60 days to maintain efficiency.

It’s also good for your system to get checked out by a professional at least once a year. Having a certified technician inspecting your system can highlight any potential repairs and extend the life of your system.


Keep your air conditioning costs down and your efficiency high this summer with a few simple tricks. If you’re looking for a new air conditioning unit or accessories, you can find a wide variety of HVAC equipment available at HomElectrical!

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Avery Dietzen
Avery Dietzen

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