Green Creative LED BR Bulb

Green Creative LED BR Bulbs are suitable for lighting totally enclosed fixtures safely. Green Creative LED BR Bulbs are available with a variety of features including dimming capabilities and come in a variety of wattages. The environmentally friendly construction makes these BR bulbs 60% lighter. Shop HomElectrical today for your lighting needs.

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What is an LED BR Bulb?

Green Creative LED BR Bulbs provide an eco-friendly option for lighting with a bright and consistent output. These LED BR bulbs use 35% less material than the previous generation of BR bulbs. There are high CRI versions available in E26 and GU24 bases. The Green Creative LED BR Bulb offer a long lifespan with at least 25,000 life hours.

What are the best uses for an LED BR bulb?

BR LED bulbs can be used in a variety of commercial applications. They can be used in recessed, accent, and other general lighting applications. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than their traditional CFL and fluorescent counterparts, with up to 55,000 life hours.
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