From Gas-Powered to Electric-Powered Vehicles: The Future of Transportation

By shakir_williams on 04/03/2018


Tesla electric car

Cars can be very expensive to maintain; from the gas to maintenance, detailing, operating, and more - the list is endless.  Sometimes it may even seem that all our money is going into running one car, and that’s probably the case. Electric vehicles not only run at a higher efficiency than electric cars, but they also help lower our annual carbon emissions by practically 100%. Although a little Co2 is emitted when you go to charge the car, the process of producing oil consumes way more energy.

It’s no surprise that electric vehicles are drastically changing the landscape of the automobile world. In a just a couple of years, we could all be driving electric-powered cars. Countries all over the world even have tax incentives and tax credits simply for purchasing electric vehicles. So, what does this shift from gas-powered to electric cars mean for you?

What are some benefits of Electric-Powered Vehicles?

car made of moneyThe UCSUSA (Union of Concerned Scientists) did a study comparing the carbon emissions of a gas-powered automobile to an electric car in the U.S. What they found was astounding. During their study, they measured how efficient a fuel-powered car would have to be just to compete with an electric cars’ fuel efficiency.


The chart below shows the total carbon emissions of vehicle, including manufacturing and operating the cars. Each state has the average MPG that a fuel-powered car would need to measure up to an electric car.

US map of vehicle emissions rate per state

orange check66% of the U.S. population would have to have a gas-powered vehicle with a fuel efficiency of at least 51 MPG just to compete to an EV.

orange check44% of the states would need a gas-powered vehicle with at least 35MPG to equal the carbon emissions of an EV.

orange checkIn California, a fuel-powered car would have to get 87 miles per gallon just to compete with the energy efficiency of an electric vehicle


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