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Honeywell Fibre-Metal is the original manufacturer of welding helmets, and continues to be a leader in the welding safety industry as they produce high quality and durable products. Shop HomElectrical now for a variety of Honeywell Fibre-Metal products that are innovative, service oriented, and easy-to-use!

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Fibre-Metal Superglas Piperliner Welding Helmet
The piperliner style welding helmet is molded from superglass plus, this helmet is light and strong. Piperline helmet is impervious...
2 x 4.25" Flash Barrier for Welding Helmets
FIBRE-METAL's Flash Barriers for Welding Helmet products fit series 110, 110P, 610, 670, 710, 713, 910, 913 welding helmets. These products are designed to protect against sparks, flashes, dust, and other foreign objects during welding projects.
3C Headgear Friction Adjustable Joint
Honeywell Fibre-Metal's adjustable headgear is a dependable, durable, and comfortable way to protect your head and face during any welding job. Shop HomElectrical today!
Green Thermoplastic SuperEight Hard Caps
Workers can convert their hard cap from the normal wearing position (and back) with the patented Swingstrap without having to...
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Welding Helmet Protective Cap Components
Fully adjustable to better fit Fibre-Metal caps and major competitive brands the welding helmet protective cap provides easy on/off welding...
Welding Helmet Protective Cap Component
Utilize welding helmet protective cap quick-lok mounting blades for quick and easy mounting of Fibre-Metal welding helmets on Protective caps...
Retainer Spring for Plastic Lens 2" x 4.25"
Use the high quality Honeywell Fibre-Metal Retainer Spring for Plastin Lens 2" x 4.25" to securely hold your lens in...
Spirit of America Graphics SuperEight Hard Cap
SuperEight impact control hard hats feature an energy control system which dissipates force by reducing it to smaller increments and...
Wide View Faceshield Dark Green for F400,F500
High performance faceshield windows are preformed to the exact curve of crown protectors for easy installation, exact fit and perfect...
Custom-Fit welding Helmet Replacement Headgear
The welding helmet replacement headgear helmet is deeply offset, pliable headband fits head contours comfortably. It also includes an exclusive...
Black 2" x 4 1/4" Protective Cap Welding Helmet Shells
Protective cap welding helmet shells are sold with an attachment mechanism that allows them to be worn with a Hard...
7" High Performance Faceshield Less Window
A broader, deeper crown protector and wide wraparound window provides an extra margin of protection when harsh working conditions require...
Gray Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet Shell Black for 4000 Series
Wear this Protective Cap Welding Helmet Shells for maximum protection as it is sold with an attachment mechanism that allows...
Tigerhood Classic Protective Cap Welding Helmet Shell
For ultimate protection during your welding job, use the Honeywell Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Classic Protective Cap Welding Helmet Shell. Features molded-in...
Spirit of America SuperEight Hard Hat, 8 Point Ratchet
Celebrate the Spirit of America with Honeywell Fibre-Metal's 8-Point Ratcheted hard hat. Protect your head in comfort with Fibre-Metal's exclusive technology and
Custom-Fit Welding Helmet Replacement for Pipeliner
Ratchet Headgear for Pipeliner is a deeply offset, pliable headband which fits head contours comfortably. Features overhead band with multiple...
Gray 3-C Ratchet Thermoplastic Welding Helmet
Wear this classic welding helmet anytime hazardous fumes are present. Its unique design provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes...
Lens Gasket for Glass Holders 610-670-710-713-910-913-110-110P-1096
The Honeywell Lens gaskets provide an ideal solution for welding helmets. Shop HomElectrical for a large supply of welding parts and accessories.
Neoprene Headgear Strap
Use the Honeywell Fibre-Metal Neoprene Headgear Strap to ensure a safe, comfortable fit for your welding helmet. Overhead band features...
8" x 11.25" Clear Standard View Faceshield Window
Use the Honeywell Fibre-Metal 8" x 11.25" Clear Standard View Faceshield Window for ultimate face and eye protection during your...
Wide View High Performance Faceshield Window
Eligible to perform to the curve of the crown the faceshield window is a high performance wide view shield. It's...
Welding Helmet Protective Cap Components
Utilize welding helmet protective cap quick-lok mounting blades for quick and easy mounting of Fibre-Metal welding helmets on protective caps...
Cotton Comfort Enhancing Sweatband
The absorbent cotton comfort enhancing sweatband, fits conveniently within most hard hat suspension systems. It is an economical way for...
Soft Cotton Jersey SuperEight Sweat Band
Absorbent cotton sweatbands are porous with a thick design for maximum absorbency. Its velcro style provides a secure strap and...
Quik-Lok Welding Helmet Parts & Accessories Kit
Make sure you have all you need for your next welding job with the Honeywell Fibre-Metal Quik-Lok Welding Helmet Parts...
Extended View Dark Green Face Shield .040"
The dark green high performance facesheild windows are preformed to the curve of the crown. These faceshield windows are also...
High Performance Full Brim Faceshield Hat Adapter
Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect high performance faceshield adapter for your hard hat from Fibre-Metal to help you accomplish any task while working out in the field!
High Performance Protective Cap Brackets
There is no hard hat or faceshield included with this protective cap bracket. The shield may be pivoted above the...
SwingStrap Suspensions w/ Ratchet Headband
The Honeywell Fibre-Metal SwingStrap Suspensions w/ Ratchet Headband features the patented SwingStrap which allows you to convert the headband from...
High Performance Safety Faceshield Less Window
High performance faceshield less window is deeper crown protector extends protection without increasing weight. Fits easily over required spectacles or...
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