Excel Hand Dryers

When choosing a hand dryer with exceptional speed and performance, the Xlerator is going to be your best bet! Not only do Excel Hand Dryers live up to high standards, but they give you a variety of options with each hand dryer that they sell.

Excel Hand Dryers

Benefits of the Xlerator

Stainless Steel Xlerator

Dries your hands 95% faster than paper towels. The Xlerator hand dryer provides you with a fast dry while staying economically friendly by not using paper towels. Not only do electric hand dryers help save the environment, but they also save you 95% of costs compared to paper towels!

Graphite Xlerator

Uses less energy than conventional dryers! The Xlerator Hand Dryer uses 80% less energy than conventional dryers that are on the market. These commercial hand dryers use 20 amps for power and have a heating element to dry your hands in about 10 seconds.

White Xlerator

Lowers loud air flow with its noise reduction nozzle! Excel uses a strong air flow for their hand dryers so that you can have dry hands quicker. They also use a small nozzle to help direct the air flow, and if you think that the hand dryer is too loud, you can change the settings in the back of the dryer to have a less aggressive output. This also reduces the overall noise! In addition, you can control the heat of the air by choosing from high, medium, and low.

Xlerator eco

Chrome Xlerator

Save money and energy with the Xlerator eco. The eco-friendly dryer is the exact same dryer as the original, but it doesn’t include any heating elements. Not only is its cool air good for the summer, but it uses less amps to power (4.5 to be exact)! If you want another reason to purchase this environmentally friendly hand dryer, it also costs less than the original.

Xlerator Accessories

Custom Patriots Xlerator

Customize your hand dryer. Everything you buy now-a-days comes with accessories, so why not have some for your hand dryer? To start, you get to choose the color and material of your Xlerator hand from stainless steel (most popular), white thermoset resin, white epoxy, graphite, chrome, or you can customize a hand dryer yourself!

Xlerator in a Recessed Kit

Retrofit your old paper towel dispenser with a recessed wall kit. Purchasing a recessed wall kit to help you stay updated with ADA regulations! Plus, if you’re looking for an accessory that will help you reduce noise output, you can purchase the 1.1” noise reduction nozzle, or you can decrease the air flow the dryer puts out from the back of the machine.

Excel Wall Guards

Keep your walls clean with wall guards! Xlerator hand dryers offer the option of purchasing wall guards to help you keep your walls water and damage free. You can also pick from stainless steel, white, or black plastic to match your dryer.

More Qualifications

Qualify for building certifications with Xlerator hand dryers. Xlerator hand dryers help qualify for LEED credits. These commercial dryers meet OSHA standards, are ADHA compliant, cULus certified, CE certified, and RoHS Listed. These USA made hand dryers meet plenty of building and ADA requirements and come with a nice 5-year warranty. If anything were to happen to your hand dryer, there would be no questions asked before Excel would help you replace your broken parts.

What are you waiting for? Get your Excel hand dryer today for the most reliable product.

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