Find the type of ambient lighting that you want with a dimmer switch from HomElectrical. Dimmers are the perfect option for custom lighting in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and dining rooms. With the right product, you can save up to 10% on utility costs by reducing electricity flow to the power source. HomElectrical offers simple sliding and rotary dimmer switches, as well as technologically improved devices, including touch switches and remote controllers. You can also upgrade with Z-Wave to control the lighting in your house from anywhere in the world using any smart device! Create the perfect lighting at home with dimmer switches and start saving today!

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What is the difference between a single-pole and a 3-way dimmer switch?

When choosing a dimmer, there are a few different options that you can choose from. The two main dimmers to choose from are a single pole and a 3 way dimmer switch. A single pole dimmer switch, also referred to as a single-pole single-throw (SPST) switch, controls a singular circuit and is either "on" or "off." These dimmers are usually ideal in places with a single point of entry including a bedroom, bathroom, or an office. On the other hand, a 3 way switch, which can also be referred to as a single-pole switch double-throw (SPDT) switch, alternates between two circuits instead of keeping a light "on" or "off," meaning the light can be changed in two separate locations. These dimmer switches are usually used in locations such as hallways or stairwells.

Are all light bulbs compatible to use with dimmers and do you need a special LED dimmer switch for LED bulbs?

Not all light bulbs are completely compatible with dimmers, but there are many that are! If you are wondering if a bulb will work with a dimmer, you should look on the packaging of the bulb to see if it is compatible and has "dimmable" written somewhere and the amount of energy (wattage) it can handle. Many fluorescent bulbs will not work with dimmers or will have some side effects including the bulb color having more of a cool look when being dimmed and even though you are dimming the light, it will not prolong the life of the bulb. The main bulbs that are dimmable are LED bulbs and incandescents. There are some LED dimmer switches that will only work with LED lamps, but you will have to read the labeling of the box or go on the company's website to see if there is a specific pairing.

What are the benefits to using a dimmer light switch and how do I install one?

  • Dimmers reduce the amount of power delivered to the light source, so they save on energy and can extend the life of the bulb
  • Dimmers save you about 10% on your utility bill
  • Be able to regulate your lighting the way that you want
  • Require little maintenance to be done once installed

What are the different types of controls for a dimmer switch?

  • Rotary control features a dial that is used to change the brightness of the light. The brightness can be adjusted by turning the dial from left to right. The light will achieve full brightness when turned to the far right position and will be at its dimmest when turned to the far left position.
  • Slide control offers precise brightness control for your lights. Full brightness is achieved when the slider is at the top of switch and the light is dimmest when the slider is at the bottom of the switch.
  • Remotes have also become a very popular way of controlling lights. They are able to dim your lights wirelessly and have different ambient settings for you to choose from.
  • Paddle controls are a simple up/down, on/off, type of switch with a sliding control on the side for dimming.
  • Rocker controls have the same function and look very similar to the paddle controls in their simple design, but the rocker is designed to be more decorative.
  • A toggle switch looks just like a regular light switch or toggle with a slide control on the side of it for dimming.
  • Touch switches are the most advanced and take advantage of the recent touch technology. By simply sliding your finger up or down on the dimmer switch, you are able to control the brightness in a selected room.
  • Z-Wave is a smart control so that you can remotely control your lighting from anywhere in the world.

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