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5 Piece Heavy Duty EZ Lock Metal Cut Off Wheels
Easily cut through metal with these Dremel EZ Lock 1-1/2 inch metal cut-off wheels. Changing cutting wheels is simple thanks...
$13.49Pack of 5
Fortiflex Heavy Duty Flex Shaft for Rotary Tool, 2.5A, 120V
Dremel's fortiflex heavy duty flex shaft for rotary tools allows you to work precisely for extended periods of time with complete control over your stationary projects. Shop more rotary tools and accessories at today!
1/4" Rubber Polishing Point 3/32" Shank
Rubber polishing points are impregnated with abrasive and used to remove rough areas, small burrs and scratch marks Ideal for...
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1-1/2-in EZ506HP High Performance Metal Cutting Wheel
Dremel's 1-1/2-in EZ506HP cutting wheel is coated with a super abrasive grit which provides maximum durability allowing the wheel to stay sharp longer, stay cool, and won't shrink. Browse more metal cutting wheels at HomElectrical today!
Flex Shaft Attachment for Rotary Tool
Dremel's Flex Shaft Attachment features a flexible 36-inch cable with a 5-inch bend radius, allowing you to comfortably reach your work in a variety of angles. Check out more rotary tools and accessories at now!
1-1/2-in EZ456B EZ Lock Cut-Off Wheel, Bulk
Dremel's EZ Lock Cut-Off Wheel discs are ideal for delicate woodworking projects and can be used on other materials including plastics or ceramics as well as all types of metals, including hardened steel. Shop more at HomElectrical today!
4-in Paint & Rust Surface Prep Wheel
Dremel's 4-in US400 paint and rust surface prep wheel uses a non-woven abrasive to quickly strip paint, coatings, scaled rust and corrosion from metal. Discover this and more at today!
All-Purpose Rotary Tool Accessory Kit, 108 Pieces
Dremel's 108-piece accessory kit provides the organized storage of popular Dremel accessories to perform a wide range of applications including cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, cleaning and more. Explore more at HomElectrical today!
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