Dimplex Fireplace Accessories

Do your Dimplex heaters need something extra for optimal performance? Check out Dimplex accessories to upgrade your electric heater. Shop for Dimplex’s accessories at HomElectrical at competitive prices!

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What are Dimplex accessories?

Dimplex electric heater accessories pair with Dimplex electric heaters for more control, mounting options, or decorative appeal.

Control systems, like a CONNEX controller, can link heaters with Wi-fi or a remote control. Stands and brackets allow more options for heater placement. Fireplace trim kits, panel kits, and glass doors add decorative trim and protection to Dimplex fireplaces.

Use Dimplex accessories to tailor your heater to your needs and increase electric heater efficiency.

Accessories include:

  • Controllers
  • Doors and door kits
  • Wall hanging brackets
  • Ceiling mount brackets
  • Floor stand for electric infrared heater
  • Plug kit
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