CyberTech Lighting LED Exit/Emergency Sign

CyberTech’s exit and emergency signs have simple, straightforward designs and choices of red or green lettering to ensure that they meet fire safety codes in any state. Add necessary safety devices to your building with CyberTech emergency lights from HomElectrical today!

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How do emergency exit lights work?

Emergency exit lights are battery-powered and connected directly to the building’s electric system, which supplies a constant charge to the battery. The circuitry in the emergency sign detects whenever there is a power failure and turns the light on to direct people to the exits. From there, the exit sign will run on its battery for the duration of the outage, or until the battery runs out.

CyberTech’s emergency exit lights have 90 minutes of emergency operation on the battery. They also have an LED charge indicator that monitors the battery life.

How to test emergency exit lights?

Most emergency exit signs have buttons or switches that allow you to test the lights. CyberTech’s emergency exit signs are equipped with an easily accessible push-to-test switch on the casing. To test the lights, push and hold the button for thirty seconds to ensure that the lights fully illuminate.

Does the color of an emergency sign matter?

Federal regulations require that all exit routes must be illuminated with exit signs. Although this safety regulation is enforced by OSHA, they leave the color restrictions up to the state.

Some states require red exit signs, while others require green exit signs. Some allow either color, and some states require both colors to differentiate primary exits from secondary exits. Always check your local city’s fire safety code to ensure that you are following the right guidelines.

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