Atosa Preparation Table

Atosa preparation tables offer an efficient solution by providing space to prep food in restaurant kitchens with the addition of refrigeration units underneath. The refrigeration units underneath come equipped for sandwich prep, pizza prep, and everything in between with a convenient, easy-to-clean table top. Shop HomElectrical for restaurant equipment from Atosa today!

What is an Atosa preparation table?

Atosa preparation tables provide you with a convenient and easy-to-clean table top for preparing your food in a restaurant kitchen. The prep tables also have undercounter refrigeration units with 1-,2-, or 3 doors for optimal storage in any space.

What certifications do Atosa freezers have?

These Atosa refrigeration units are NSF certified for sanitation safety standards and ETL Listed for their safety. They are guaranteed to be safe and accurately temperature-controlled units for use in any kitchen.

Where can I use Atosa preparation tables?

Atosa preparation tables are ideal for use in commercial kitchens where space is limited.

What sets Atosa products apart?

Atosa products are crafted with high quality stainless steel to last long-term in restaurant kitchens with both safety and sanitation standards in mind.

Which prep table do I need?

The Atosa preparation tables offered are ideal for sandwich or pizza prep. They provide ample storage underneath as well as on top for prepping any food in a commercial kitchen.

What are the features on these preparation tables?

Atosa preparation tables have standard safety door locks and a highly efficient refrigeration system for safety in a commercial kitchen. They also come with a table top which makes food prep easy. Sandwich preparation tables come equipped with slots for storing pans to hold cold cuts and toppings when preparing the sandwiches.

What safety features are in place for these tables?

Preparation tables from Atosa feature safety door locks to ensure security of food items. The refrigerators underneath have a self-closing and stay open door. These doors feature a round corner design and recessed door handle. Atosa makes sleek restaurant equipment that will benefit any commercial kitchen.
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