Atosa Chafing Dish

Atosa chafing dishes offer a simple solution to keeping food warm regardless of your location. For parties and catering events, chafing dishes are especially useful with even heat distribution with multiple burners, a stand-by pilot, and a lid for heat retention. Shop HomElectrical for restaurant equipment from Atosa today!

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What is an Atosa chafing dish?

Chafing dishes provide you with a convenient option for maintaining food safety anywhere. Whether you're inside or outside, these chafing dishes are sure to keep your food warm for serving guests for many hours. The stainless steel housing creates a perfect, evenly distributed heat with high retention.

What certifications do Atosa chafing dishes have?

These Atosa chafing dishes are CETL and USETL listed.

Where can I use Atosa chafing dishes?

Atosa chafing dishes are ideal for use just about anywhere. With no need for a power source, the use of portable butane fuel allows you to maintain the heat in chafing serving dishes for serving anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

What sets Atosa products apart?

Atosa products are crafted with high quality stainless steel to last long-term in restaurant kitchens with both safety and sanitation standards in mind.

Which chafing dish do I need?

The Atosa chafing dishes are available in varying sizes and styles. Choosing an ideal size depends on the size of your party or event. The aesthetic look of chafing dishes differs, but all of our chafing dishes offer ideal heat retention for your food.

What are the features on these chafing dishes?

Atosa chafing dishes have evenly spaced burners for even heat coverage for all of your food. They also have standby pilots for extra protection in place. The chafing dishes have especially designed lids to keep heat in for long amounts of time. They can include folding legs for easy storage and rolling lids or flat lids depending on your needs. Easily transport your chafing dishes to any event without worry of damaging your dish with a durable stainless steel construction.

What safety features are in place for these chafing dishes?

Atosa chafing dishes include handles to transport even hot food efficiently without burning.
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