American Lighting EPIQ Series

The American Lighting Epiq 4 series provides a versatile line of recessed lighting and recessed lighting accessories. The EPIQ 4 series offers high CRI at an affordable price. Upgrade to a modern square look with the simple click-on trims.

What is IC recessed lighting?

IC is a rating on a fixture. IC stands for Insulated Contact. When a recessed light is installed within a light source, it generates heat. An IC or Insulated Contact rated fixture prevents the fixture from overheating and potentially starting a fire or shorting out. Heat is the number one factor that will cause a bulb to fail or short so an IC rated fixture is always a good idea.

Are the Epiq Series dimmable?

The high CRI retrofits from American Lighting are dimmable with most standard and low-voltage electronic dimmers.
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