GP 20 Amp GFCI Receptacle Outlet w/ LED, Almond

20 Amp GFCI Receptacle Outlet w/ LED, Almond

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GP DG20-AA-B Description

The Class A Rated Almond 20-Amp GFCI duplex outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) provides electrical shock protection and prevents the risk of electrical fire caused by ground fault current. This GFCI has a built in end-of-life feature which automatically alerts the user that the receptacle is no longer effective and needs to be replaced. The 20-Amp GFCI receptacle can be easily installed in a typical wall switch box for both residential and commercial application. The duplex GFCI exceeds UL943 (2008) & cUL943 (2008) technical requirements. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that GFCI receptacles must be installed in all wet & damp environments such as a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement & break room. Wall plate is included.

  • Almond 20 Amp 125V GFCI duplex receptacle
  • Wall plate is included
  • Exceeds UL943 (2008) & cUL943 (2008) technical requirements
  • Exceeds UL943 (2008) & cUL943 (2008) technical requirements
  • Automatic end-of-life detection and warn functions, when GFCI fails, the red signal lamp will auto-warn to remind user to replace
  • Adaptable duplex outlet faceplate, load terminal can load common receptacle and other home appliances which also have ground fault protection functions
  • Prevents Line reversal miss-wire: GFCI cannot be reset and no power to the outlet if wired incorrectly
  • Made of GE LEXAN 24IR High-impact resistant thermoplastic which is resitant to shock, heat, corruption and moisture
  • Wiring screw provides improved tension disc construction
  • Overload and anti-jamming abilities
  • Provides permanent electro-magnetic motion
  • Works reliably with temperatures from -31 to 151 Fahrenheit
  • Can sustain up to 6000 V & 10000 Amp current impulse instantaneously
  • Safe-lock design, assures fixed state while tripped
  • Green grounding screw as grounding connector for easy installation and recognition
  • Class A Rated GFCI
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Dimensions: 1.61" wide x 2.68" long x 1.5" deep

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Color / Finish
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Maximum Amperage
20 Amp
Maximum Voltage
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Tamper Resistant
Weather Resistant

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