Product Certifications: What is ENERGY STAR?

What is Energy Star?

What Does ENERGY STAR Certified Mean?

If a consumer product is ENERGY STAR certified, it means that it meets the official standard for energy-efficiency. Newly constructed homes and commercial buildings can carry the ENERGY STAR label, as well as appliances, telephones, tablets, pool pumps, windows and doors, HVAC units, and much more.

When Did ENERGY STAR Begin?

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The program was created by the US Department of Energy Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 as an official regulatory program for energy efficient products. Their goal is to create an official standard for achieving environmental sustainability on a global scale.

How does a product qualify for the ENERGY STAR Label?

The EPA chooses which products and categories earn ENERGY STAR certification based on the following guidelines:

  • Product performance and energy consumption must be measurable
  • Selected products must carry similar features, performance, and quality to that of non-energy efficient products
  • Selected products must have the energy-saving potential to make up additional upfront cost in savings on utility bills
  • Energy efficient technology used in a product must be non-proprietary (not registered or protected as a trademark or brand name) and included in the products of more than one manufacturer

Why should I choose ENERGY STAR certified products?

1. Legitimacy: ENERGY STAR products are reputable products

2. Energy-Saving: ENERGY STAR products will SAVE on energy

3. Money-Saving: ENERGY STAR certified products are eligible for many Energy Rebate Programs and Tax Credits for the 2016 and 2017 tax years

4. Warranty: ENERGY STAR offers warranties on most of their products.

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