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U.S Motors offer several quality and consumer driven products like horse powered fans and blowers that generate various HVAC market approved products. Browse HomElectrical’s selection of U.S. Motors’ Fan Motors and Blower Motors to make your purchase today.

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Why Choose U.S. Motors?

Since 1908, U.S. Motors has continued to stand for extensive and trusted product performance and reliability in the motor industry. U.S. Motors has an extensive number of products available for the market today. These products include condenser fans, blowers and carbonator pumps.

Their motors can operate in the following spaces:

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning systems.

What is a Fan Motor?

HVAC Fan motors are crucial in the efficiency of air conditioning systems whose job is to power fan blades and circulate air. Currently, there are several types of motors that U.S Motors offer that all have specific components that play a role in how users may make purchase decisions.

Condenser fan motors are generally located in outdoor condensing and its sole purpose is to blow outdoor air into condenser coils. Other types of fan motors include: Ventilation Motors, Blowers, Unit Heater Fans, Poultry Fan Motors, and Rescue Fan Motors.

What is a Blower Motor?

To maximize your energy efficiency in your daily activities consider purchasing a blower motor. The right blower motor should be efficient, dependable, and trustworthy. Most importantly, the blower motor should be reputable with exceptional customer service ratings. Currently, U.S. Motors offers a wide array of blower motors including: carbonator motors, single shaft direct drive blowers, double shaft drive blowers, direct drive blowers, belted fan, blowers, and Blower Motors.

U.S. Motors currently offers a diverse range of Blowers Motors to the market, all with varying horsepower capabilities. The concept of horse power has been applied to.

Currently there is an array of blower motors that U.S. Motors offers to the market that all have various horsepower capabilities. The average horsepower of fans and blowers by U.S. Motors ranged from 1 horsepower to 75 horsepower.

What is the difference between a Fan Motor & Blower Motor?

A condenser fan motor is in the outdoor condensing unit. Fan motors help draw in outside air and releases heat outdoors. Components such as blower motors operate indoors. Blower motors force cool air to different areas through ducts. Blower motors can either be single speed or variable speed. Single-speed blower motors operate at the same speed at all times. Alternatively, a variable-speed blower motor can increase or decrease airflow by adjusting its speed when needed.

U.S. Motors fan motors and blower motors can help to improve furnace efficiency and ultimately your comfort. In some cases, fan motors and blower motors can help users save money, avoid stress and defeat hassle.

A few additional ways your fan & blower motor can affect your comfortability include:

  • Evenly heat and cool your temperature distribution.
  • Improved circulation that improves temperature consistency
  • Improves air quality by funneling circulating air through HVAC filters.

How long should a HVAC Motor typically last?

U.S. Motors’ HVAC motors typically last from 10 to 15 years. However, there are cases where the HVAC fan and blowers may need to be replaced. If energy bills are rising arbitrarily, air quality decreases or temperature consistency decreases, your fan motor or blower motor may need to be replaced. Users who have had their motors for the recommended life span, may be able to benefit from new systems that can lower electricity and power bills.

What are other resources that can be purchased with a Fan Motor & Blower Motor?

U.S. Motors has several HVAC parts and accessories that can be purchased in conjunction with fans and blowers that can help to improve user usability. Some of these features have specific purposes crafted around customers’ wants and expectations.

These accessories include base kits, stud adaptors, and ear mounts. For example, out of the many products that U.S. Motor offer to the market, both 447 FRME Adjustable Motor and NEMA 447, were specifically made to maximize each other’s overall performance for users.

What are the Fan Speeds that are available?

Fan speeds are critical to the efficiency and life expectancy of fans and blowers made by U.S. Motors. Fan speeds are dire to user reception to a product as well. U.S. Motors,’ 400W Poultry Fan Motor one is example of various, that is designed for direct drive exhaust and vent fans in poultry and livestock houses.

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