Splice Kit

Try our splice kit products as a quick alternative to joining together electrical fibers. HomElectrical has a variety of splice kits that can be used as an effective tool for insulating and sealing single conductors. Shop HomElectrical for your splice kit today!

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What is a Splicer Kit?

These kits come with all the tools that you would need for splicing cables. It comes with splicing scissors, a splicing knife, and an easy to use carrying pouch to store them all in.

What is a Heat Shrink Crimp Connector?

This is a type of crimping tool that is used to join two different pieces of metal.

  • Equipped with waterproof heat shrink
  • Made from tubular copper with tin plating
  • Strong and durable
  • Can be used for direct bury applications

What is an Inline Resin Splice Kit?

These splice kits help insulate and secure a conductor and un-protected cable splices.

What is a Cold Shrink Connector Insulator?

These are open ended rubber sleeves that have a tube like shape. They are put onto a removable core which is removed once the tube has been properly installed. These allow you to have a waterproof or water-resistant seal without having to use any heat or adhesives.

What’s a Splice Kit used for?

A splice kit is used to create a connection between two individual cables. They feature V-groove technology which allows the splice kits to maintain the physical contact between the fibers. Splice kits protect splicing for many electrical tasks including: motor leads, power cables, pool wiring and more. These kits are designed to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion in above-ground and underground splices and splice connectors.

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