Safety Tape

Make your customers and your employees aware of potentially dangerous locations with our safety tape products. Safety tape comes in a variety of colors and sayings including: "caution," "electrical line," "danger," and more depending on your application. This tape is used as a marker for dangerous locations and a warning to stay away. It is an easy to use product and will prevent people from accidentally entering a construction site or somewhere where the possibility of getting physically harmed is increased. Discover our collection of safety tape that is designed to informing people of potential dangers at HomElectrical.

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What is Safety Tape used for?

  • When you want to close off a whole area, safety tape is what you need to use so it is clear to everyone that there is an area that is completely off limits.
  • Prevent people from getting hurt and warn them of possible hazards by using safety tapes.
  • The safety tape can come in a variety of colors and say “caution,” “electrical line,” “danger,” and more.

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