Ear Plug

Protect your ears by blocking out harmful decibels of sound or keeping water from entering the ear canal. HomElectrical has a variety of earplugs made with different materials, in different sizes, and shapes to ensure that a comfortable fit can be achieved for a wide range of needs. All of our ear plugs are designed so that they will not cause irritation while they are being used. Discover a pair of ear plugs to protect your ears from harmful sounds and substances at HomElectrical.

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What are Ear Plugs used for?

Ear plugs are designed to protect your ears from excessive sound and element exposure.

What are the different types of Ear Plugs?

  • Corded Earplugs – two earplugs are connected by a cord making it easier for you to keep track of them.
  • Earplug Dispenser – can hold a lot of earplugs and is perfect for those working with a large group or someone who loses their ear plugs a lot.
  • Earmuffs – shaped like headphones, these can cancel out more sounds than regular earplugs and can also be placed over regular earplugs.

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