Kickspace Heater

Did you ever wish you could stay warm with an invisible heater? Well with kickspace heaters you pretty much can. They are perfect for commercial and residential spaces that need a heater that will maintain a narrow spaces temperature and stay out of the way. A kickspace heater is ideal for installation in narrow places like under cabinets, booths, and even in stair risers. Discover the right kickspace heater for your residential or commercial application today at HomElectrical.

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What is a Kickspace Heater used for?

Kickspace heaters are perfect for heating narrow spaces and remaining unnoticed. They are commonly found, like in their name, in the kick space below kitchen base cabinetry and bathroom vanities.

  • Great alternative for baseboard heaters
  • Also known as toe-kick heaters
  • A kickspace heater is a forced-air heating system that operates by pushing heated air away from it.
  • Designed for recessed installation which allows for easy installation in narrow spaces.
  • The kickspace heater features a single piece, frameless grill that adds to its aesthetics.
  • These heaters are ideal for under kitchen or bathroom cabinets and any other narrow-spaced application.
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Added protection with a fuse-link

What is Forced-Air Heating Technology?

This type of heating system uses a furnace or heat pump to warm the air and releases it through ductwork and vents. Cold air is pulled into the system where it is filtered and heated. The filter gets rid of any allergens and dust that could be brought in with the air. It is the only energy efficient heating system that is able to combine heating and cooling.

What does BTU/H mean?

BTU stands for British thermal unit which is a measurement of how much heat energy is used to raise the temperature of one pound of water. The ‘H’ refers to how many BTUs are used in an hour.

What is the difference between Single Phase and Three Phase?

  • Single Phase - a two wire alternating current (AC) power circuit that is commonly found in households and residential areas.
  • Three Phase - a three wire alternating current (AC) that is generally found in commercial buildings due to it's power density and flexibility. This wire arrangement will provide 1.7 times more power than a single phase arrangement.

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