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File down and shape different materials with HomElectrical's collection of filing tools. We carry individual files as well as sets of files and filing kits in order to meet every application's specific need. There are a number of file tool types for you to choose from that can best assist your application. These files can be used to shape a variety of materials including: wood, metal, and plastic. Discover a wide selection of filing tool types to help better shape your project at HomElectrical.

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What type of Filing Tool do I need?

Find the type of file that you need for your next project.

  • Mill File – commonly used to sharpen flat bladed tools and to keep saw teeth level.
  • Half Round File – usually used for descaling pipes or shaping a rough surface. Can be used instead of a regular since they both have a flat face.
  • Taper Saw File – has a triangular shape which allows you to sharpen the teeth of a saw.
  • Round File – shaped like a pick, these files are perfect for creating more fine details in your project. They can also be used to create bigger holes or to polish your piece.
  • Needle File – small and thin file that is commonly used for more specific detailing.
  • Flat File – a multi-functional tool that can be used on a variety of projects and can be used like a hand file.
  • Knife File – looks like a knife and are common for creating ‘V’ shaped grooves.

What are Filing Tools made of?

These tools are usually steel bars with a case hardened surface and a series of sharp, parallel teeth.

  • Some have a handle on one end and a pointed edge on the other.
  • We even carry sets of files with 5-12 different types and sizes of files.
  • Choose from a variety of file brushes to keep your tools clean.

What is a Filing Tool used for?

A filing tool, also called a filer or file, is a tool used to shave and shape:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic

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