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Anchor 3/4"Black & Red powder Coat Clamp Fixtures
Our super heavy duty clamp fixture features steel made body for high resistance and durability. These clamps will mounts on...
Anchor 3/4" Deep Steel Red Powder Coat Reach Pipe Clamp
Our super, heavy duty pipe clamps are designed and made of red powder coat finish for great resistance and durability....
Jet 4" Standard Carriage Steel C-Clamp
This four inch standard carriage c-clamp has frames made form high strength ductile iron castings. This tool also features a...
Lenco Insulated Spring Clamps
These effective insulated Spring Clamps feature mechanical oval-point screw and a 300 amp max. They are the perfect compliment to...
Bessey Magnetic Ground Clamp
For heavy applications, use the Bessey Magnetic Ground Clamp. This ground clamp can be drilled, tapped, milled, or ground and...
Anchor Drop Forged C- Clamp, 4'' Length
This drop forged C-clamp features extra throat depth as well as non-slip clamping on all shapes. This clamp also features...
Oetiker 5/16-in 2-Ear Crimp Clamp
Perfect for air and liquid lines, the 5/16 Inch 2-Ear Crimp Clamp features a simple and quick set up. The...
$35.47Case of 100
Oetiker 3/8" 2-Ear Crimp Clamps
This 2 ear crimp clamp is popular for working fast, simple and secure when being installed. It features a robust...
$35.47Case of 100
Oetiker 2 Ear Design Clamps with Tamper Proof Durable Seal
This clamp features a 2-ear design that gives increased clamping range and is fast and simple with a secure installation....
$38.53Case of 100
Oetiker 9/16" 2-Ear Crimp Steel Clamps
The 2 ear crimp clamp offers a fast, simple and secure way for installation and deburred edges which prevents damage...
$38.13Case of 100
Anchor Drop Forged C-Clamp, 6'' Length
This C-clamp is an excellent tool for holding your materials together when working. This clamp featurs extra throat depth and...
Oetiker 2-Ear Crimp Steel Zinc Plated Clamps
This 2-ear is a medium pressure clamp featuring a robust design for good, permanent sealing. 2 ear crimp clamps are...
$39.60Case of 100
Lenco 500 Amp Quality Ground Clamp for 3/0 AWG - 4/0 AWG
With an exceptionally large contact area with its work, the Lenco Quality Ground Clamp guarantees proper voltage for the best...
Irwin 24'' Locking C-Clamp with Regular Tip
This locking c-clamp features a wide opening jaw that provides greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes. This tool...
Jet 6" Standard Carriage Steel C-Clamp
This six inch standard carriage c-clamp features a sliding pin (vise type) handle, a single acme thread rolled spindle and...
Jet 3-1/4" 400 Series Forged Steel Black C-Clamp
This 3-1/4 inch C-Clamp has innovative frame geometry for maximum strength. It features a drop forged steel frame, regular duty...
Oetiker 1-in 2-Ear Clamp
As a medium pressure clamp, the 1 Inch 2-Ear Clamp ensures a quick and simple installation. The clamp is suited...
$54.00Case of 100
Anchor Drop Forged C-Clamp, 8'' Length
This C-clamp is an excellent tool for providing adequate pressure to your metal working and wood working needs. This clamp...
Oetiker 2 Ear Design 13/16'' Clamp with Tamper Proof Durable Seal
This 2 ear clamps offer fast and easy installation as well as a special deburred edges that reduce the risk...
$70.27Case of 100
Lenco 600 Amp Ground Clamp for 3/0 AWG- 4/0 AWG
To reduce energy costs, lengthen cable life, and produce consistent welds, use the quality Lenco Ground Clamp. 600 Amp ground...
Jet 0-6 [1/16]" 400 P-Series Forged Steel Black C-Clamp
This durable heavy duty C-Clamp is a serrated Perma-Pad and grooved anvil. It features a drop forged steel frame, regular...
Oetiker 15/16" Zinc Plated Steel 2-Ear Crimp Clamps
These 2 ear crimp clamps feature debarred edges that prevent damage to clamped parts and a robust design for good,...
$81.33Case of 100
Anchor Drop Forged C-Clamp, 10'' Length
This extra tough C-clamp features a non-slip clamp on all sides. This clamp is great for securing pressure to your...
Dixon Graphite 3/4 Double Ear Pinch-On Clamp
The 3/4 Inch Pinch-On Clamp is composed of a zinc plated steel material.The Pinch-On Clamp has a clamp capacity of...
$98.13Case of 100
Jet 0-8[1/4]" 400 P-Series Forged Steel Black C-Clamp
This durable heavy duty C-Clamp features a drop forged steel frame, regular duty with extra deep throat. It is a...
Anchor Drop Forged C-Clamp, 12'' Length
This drop forged C-clamp is an excellent tool for applying pressure to two objects and creating a steady work space....
Dixon Graphite Make-A-Clamp kit
The Make-A-Clamp kit features bands, splices, and fasteners made of stainless steel that is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust....
Jet 4" Mechanic's Vise with Swivel Base
This four inch utility vise is perfect for general clamping applications. Built-in pipe jaws handle various pipe sizes. Heavy duty...
Dixon Graphite 3/8-in - 5/8-in Band Clamp Tool
To be used to apply bands, the 3/8 Inch - 5/8 Inch Band Clamp Tool is equipped with a spin...
Best Welds Magnetic Ground Clamp
Magnetic ground clamps provide a steady hold without dislodging. Shop HomElectrical for magnetic ground clamps in a variety of sizes for economical prices.
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