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Precision 300 Piece Roll Pin Assortment Kit
Three hundred roll pins varying in size are included in the Roll Pin Assortment Kit. The roll pins feature chamfered...
Band-it 1-in BAND-IT CP Series Center Punch Clamp
Standard Conical Punches can lock the 1 Inch BAND-IT CP Series Center Punch Clamp. The 1 Inch BAND-IT CP Series...
$68.53Case of 100
Band-it 1-1/2 x 5/8 Galvanized Carbon Steel Center Punch Clamp
The Center Punch Clamp is recommended for temporary applications, where minimizing leaks and longetivity aren't as stressed. The clamp is...
$69.20Case of 100
Band-it 5-in BAND-IT CP Series Center Punch Clamp
A single conical punch using a hammer can lock the 5 Inch BAND-IT CP Series Center Punch Clamp. Fittings that...
$111.53Case of 25
Band-it 3/4-in BAND-IT Scru-Lokt Buckle
Moderate corrosive and oxidation resistance is offered by the hard steel material the 3/4 Inch BAND-IT Scru-Lokt Buckle is composed...
$129.80Case of 25
Band-it 1/2" X 100' Stainless Steel 201 Bands
Band-It 1/2" X 100' Stainless Steel 201 Bands offer good resistance to oxidation and moderate corrosive agents. Can be used...
Band-it 3/4" Stainless Steel Ear-Lokt Buckles
This ear lokt buckle can hold a single and double wrapped band configurations and the band clamps can be formed...
$151.73Case of 100
Band-it 3-in Center Punch Clamp
Fittings that may crack due to impact are not recommend for use with the 3 Inch Center Punch Clamp. The...
$153.80Case of 50
Band-it 13/16-in BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps
The 13/16 Inch BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamp features an unique buckle nest that reduces leak paths. The lip...
$182.93Case of 100
Band-it Clamping Tools For Clamps & Buckles
This clamping tool features a spring loaded gripper lever and friction-held cutoff lever with a plastic grip that improves ease-of-use....
Band-it 1 3/8-in Stainless Steel BAND-IT Smooth ID Clamp
A simple lever movement can lock the 1 3/8 Inch BAND-IT Smooth ID Preformed Clamp. The clamp features a vibration...
$193.13Case of 100
Irwin Locking C Clamp with regular Tips
This clamp features a wide-opening jaw that provides greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes. This tool also has...
Bessey 12 Inch Steel classiX Standard Pad Clamps
Shop HomElectrical today for Bessy Tools steel standard pad clamps for high durability and high load capacity, and see if you are eligible for free shipping!
Crescent C-Clamp with Regular Tips
C Clamps provide a steady hold without dislodging. Shop HomElectrical for magnetic C Clamps in a variety of sizes for economical prices.
Crescent Locking C-Clamps, Swivel Pad Tips
The locking c-clamps provide a customizable pressure hold on any item you're working on. Keep your projects secure with a locking c-clamp. Shop HomElectrical for our selection of clamps and fastening tools today.
Bessey 6" Steel Shop Clamp
Standard swivel pressure is used to hold objects firmly into place when the Bessey Shop Clamp is used. Comes with...
Irwin 9'' Alloy Steel Vise Grip Locking Chain Clamp with Chain Nose
This locking chain clamp holds and locks around any shape or size. This chain clamp is ideal for awkardly shaped...
Bessey Magnetic Ground Clamp
For heavy applications, use the Bessey Magnetic Ground Clamp. This ground clamp can be drilled, tapped, milled, or ground and...
Irwin 9'' Locking Welding Clamp, U Shape
This powerful U-shaped jaw provides an enhanced visibility and greater working space. This tool holds your work, easily in proper...
Greenlee Alloy Steel Screw Anchor Expanders
The patented screw anchor expanders are ideal for use with caulking anchors. This expanders are made of hardened alloy steel,...
Greenlee 1/4-in - 20-in Screw Anchor Expander
In masonry, the screw anchor expanders can be set fairly quickly and extremely securely. The thickness of the material does...
Bessey 8" Steel Shop Clamp
The regular duty Bessey Shop Clamp is made from durable steel and measures 8". Can be used to hold items...
Ridgid Top Screw Bench Chain Vises, Cast Iron Body, 2.5 in Max Pipe Capacity
Top screw bench chain vise has a rugged cast iron base which also features a handy pipe rest and bender....
Ridgid Top Screw Bench Chain Vises, Cast Iron Body, 4 in Max Pipe Capacity
Top Screw bench chain vise has an alloy steel jaw that is designed to deliver adequate pressure to your objects....
Ridgid Bench Yoke Vise, 4 in Pipe Cap
Cast Iron Bench Yoke Vise is sturdy and dependable. The base of this tool is designed to be effective at...
Bessey 12" Steel Shop Floor Clamp
For a solid, dependable clamp, use the Bessey 12" Steel Shop Floor Clamp. Equipped with standard swivel pressure pads, this...
Safety Pins 9.5" Zinc Plated Large Safety Pin
Safety Pin 9.5" Large Pin is lightweight yet durable. Pin is coated in zinc to resist corrosion and weathering. Length:...
WEJ-IT 3/4-in Original Wedge Anchor Bolt
The 3/4 Inch Original Wedge Anchor Bolt features placement of tools through pre-drilled holes. The wedge loosening caused by vibration...
WEJ-IT 3/8-in The Original Wej-it Wedge Anchor
The 3/8 Inch Original Wej-it Wedge Anchor minimizes wedge loosing due to vibrations by its "positive wedge connections." The wedge...
WEJ-IT 3/4-in AT Wedge Anchor
The 3/4 Inch AT Wedge Anchor features a 360 degree segment contact on the clip to equalize load distribution. The...
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