Cutting Tool

Discover a full selection of cutting tool products including: pipe cutters, cable cutters, and bolt cutters at HomElectrical. So it doesn't matter whether you are a construction worker looking for metal cutting tools or an electrician trying to cut some wire. We have dependable tools made from high quality material including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum from trusted brands like Klein Tools. Explore our collection of reliable cutting tools for your upcoming applications.

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What are different types of Cutting Tools?

Check out the different type of cutting tools including:

  • Pipe Cutters – depending on the type of pipe this cuts through pipes to make a clean cut.
  • Cable Cutters – generally used by electricians for cutting through cables.
  • Bolt Cutters – requires two hands for use and is generally used on locks or bolts. They have also been known to be helpful with wire shelving.

Many of our products come from trusted brands like Klein Tools and they are made from durable materials like tool steel.

What are Cutting Tools used for?

Cutting tools are designed to trim through tough materials in order to turn, bend, and shape them into a desired form.

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