Crowbar, Wrecking Bar & Slate Bar

Get the right amount of leverage on your next demolition project. HomElectrical has a wide range of crowbar, wrecking bar, and slate bar tools. These tools are used as levers to force apart two objects, like prying apart boards or removing nails. There are different types of crowbars for you to choose from that can help speed up your demolition or renovation project based on your priorities. Browse through our selection for crowbars, wrecking bars, and slate bar tools for your application at HomElectrical.

What type of Crowbar do I need?

Find out what type of crowbar you need.

  • Crowbars and wrecking bars are shaped with a curve on the end to add leverage and torque to benefit the user.
  • A slate bar is a straight metal bar used to break up and loosen hard or compacted materials.
  • Flat bars can be the most advantageous in demolition. They can remove all types of nails, plywood, and clapboard siding.
  • Aligning bars are great for breaking into hard material but can also be used to align object for your application.
  • Cat’s paw, also called a claw bar, is good for removing a buried nail. This type of bar can cause surface damage on whatever you are trying to pry the nail from.

These demolition tools come in sizes ranging from 8-71 inches in length. We also sell a 4 piece set that includes a variety of different crowbars with different lengths making them ready to best suit your needs.

What is a Crowbar used for?

Crowbar, wrecking bar, and slate bar tools can be used to assist you in many different tasks including:

  • Separating materials
  • Lever two objects apart
  • Removing nails and more

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