CWS1000 Series Sloped Architectural Cabinet Heater

Keep those commercial spaces from turning into frozen wastelands with the help of Stelpro's CWS1000 sloped architectural cabinet heater from HomElectrical. This heater is perfect for keeping those large commercial spaces warm including: museums, schools, sports arenas, and more. Discover the right heater for your application at HomElectrical today!

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What is a CWS1000 Sloped Architectural Cabinet Heater used for?

This type of heater is commonly used for those big spaces that require a lot of heat. The 'S' refers to how the top of the heater is at an angle or slope. This will prevent it from being:

  • Sat on
  • Stepped on
  • Used as a shelf

This heater features:

  • Higher than normal heat-loss recovery
  • Sloped top
  • Heating through natural convection
  • Noise reduction
  • Front air intake and top air discharge
  • Thermal protection with auto-reset

What is a Thermostat used for?

A thermostat is a device that is used to control the temperature of a certain space or area. It is able to activate a heating or air conditioning device automatically when it senses a change in temperature.

What are the mounting options for this Sloped Architectural Cabinet Heater?

How you mount this heater will vary depending on your needs and preferences.

The ways that you can mount this device include:

  • Surface Mounted
  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor Mounted

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