ACBH Series Cabinet Heater

The ACBH series cabinet heater from Stelpro is designed for high-efficiency heating in high-traffic areas. This heater offers forced air technology, versatility with multiple installation options, and unparalleled durability. Heat your busy areas with a Stelpro ACBH series cabinet heater from HomElectrical.

What are cabinet heaters?

Cabinet heaters are designed to maintain a steady temperature inside a small enclosure or space. Multiple cabinet heaters can be connected to a single thermostat, making installation and heat regulation simple.

What are the best locations for a cabinet heater?

Cabinet heaters are ideal for heating large commercial areas, hospitals, shopping centers, schools and sports arenas.

What are the features of these cabinet heaters?

The cabinet heaters feature a nichrome heating element for instant heat. They also feature multiple installation options including wall mounting, ceiling mounting, surface mounting and recessed mounting, which makes the unit unobtrusive in the wall and ideal for any room or space. A cabinet heater provides even air flow with the fan coupled directly to the motor and a large variety of airflow configurations. These heaters also feature a durable construction and provide even air flow. The units are incredibly durable with an 18-gauge steel cabinet and 16-gauge steel front panel finished with an epoxy-polyester powdercoat.
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