Steinel Occupancy Sensor

Steinel offers a wide selection of occupancy sensors ideal for both residential and commercial applications. These energy efficient motion detectors can be surface mounted to the wall or ceiling, and feature infrared and multi-sensor technology. Browse through our selection of occupancy sensors and sensor switches today!

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How do Steinel infrared occupancy sensors operate?

These occupancy sensors respond to heat radiated from other people and will adjust it's "On" and "Off" features accordingly. They have a general reach of about a 130 to 360 degree range, and can easily be surface mounted. This is a great and energy efficient option for for the design of your lighting system.

How does infrared senor technology work?

Every person radiates a certain amount of heat from their body. Infrared sensors will detect these fluctuations and the sudden rise in voltage will cause the occupancy sensor to switch the light "On." Some of these pyro-systems are designed to sense movement as well. In order to detect movement, the system divides its segment lens into active and passive zones. When heat radiations pass through the senor zones, a signal is emitted, and the light will switch "On."
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