Landscape, Yard Maintenance, and Lawn Care Tips for the Fall

Raking leaves can be a complicated task depending on what kind of yard you have and how the types of trees that are in your yard. Here are some easy tips to keep your yard looking great this autumn.

At HomElectrical Electric Supply you can purchase wide A-frame rakes which make raking leaves around your home a lot easier. The wide design allows for more leaves per stroke, which will ultimately conserve your energy.

Instead of raking your leaves into a pile and then taking extra effort to load the leaves into a wheelbarrow and making multiple trips to your compost pile, rake your leaves into a pile on a durable tarp and drag the raked leaves easily to your compost pile.

If you do not have a compost pile in your yard and you need an alternative way to dispose of your leaves, then look no further. HomElectrical has a wide variety of garbage bags that can you can dispose your leaves in after you have raked them.

Fall Leaves

Remember to wear protective gloves when doing any outdoor labor, especially when you are raking leaves. Not only will gloves protect your hands from painful blisters, but they will also keep your hands warm in the fall temperatures.

Fall is one of the best times to make sure you will have a lush, green lawn next year. One step you should take is adding a thin, top layer of soil, fertilizer, or compost to your lawn. Once you have the soil, fertilizer, or compost, you can transport it in a wheelbarrow and distribute it with a shovel. Also, for best results, be sure to aerate your soil before adding a top layer.

Rake Leaves
  • Use a Rake with a Wide A-Frame
  • Rake Pile onto a Tarp
  • Dispose of Leaves in Garbage Bags
  • Wear Gloves
  • Preparing for Next Year
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