Wago Luminaire Quick Disconnect, 2-Port Lumi Nut Push-Wire Connector, 200pk

Wago 873-902 200
Luminaire Quick Disconnect, 2-Port Lumi Nut Push-Wire Connector, 200pk
When wiring luminaires for commercial use, Wago provides the safest and easiest wire connectors avaliable. Visit HomElectrical today to view our selection of Wago luminaire push-in disconnect connectors.
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Wago 873-902 200 Description

  • Designed for non-residential wiring of luminaires with ballasts
  • Total number of connections: 4
  • Push wire connection
  • Connectable copper conductor material
  • Compliant with NEC 410.73 (G) and CEC 30-308 (4) codes which requires an electrical disconnect for safe servicing of fixtures and ballasts without any exposure to electrical shock
  • Color coding mold
  • Integrated lock latch creates an automatic lock when the connectors meet and has a simple push down for disengaging the lock
  • Luminaire connectors are made with copper for electrical integrity and are UL94V-0 rated housing for the greatest in flame resistance
  • 16AWG to 12AWG stranded wire
  • 18AWG to 12AWG solid wire
  • Female Connector-Ballast: AWG 18 Solid
  • 600V/6 Amp Max
  • Color: Yellow

Product Specification

Manufacturers Parts Number
873-902 200
Number Of Port
Package Size
Pack of 200

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