LED Flood Light

At HomElectrical, we have a variety of Flood Lights that will fit your needs! Find a variety of special features, including Radar Swivel LEDs, Censored flood lights, triple LED flood lights, dimmable lights, and high quality materials for your outdoor lighting. Shop now to find which shape and size best suits your area for ultimate LED lighting coverage. 

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Where do I use a flood light?

We have multiple different flood light fixtures that can be used in multiple areas. Some of the major locations including:

  • Ground flood lighting that project the light upwards.
  • Overhead flood lighting that often have a sensor and project the light downward.
  • Some flood lights are used as "brick lights" to help illuminate walkways or outdoor paths at your home.

Learn more about outdoor lighting here.

Are flood lights only used outdoors? 

Flood lights are used outdoors, whether that is to illuminate a driveway, a path outside, or even for security purposes. We also sell the LED Bulbs that you need, which are custom for flood lights instead of indoor lighting. Flood lighting is sometime used in garages since they are typically have a higher level of brightness.

Do all flood lights have a wide beam angle? Is there a narrow beam angle?

LED Flood lights come in a several different beam angles. Depending on the application that you require, you can select the type of beam angle you need based on the amount of space you are using. The types of beam angle for flood lights are: Narrow, Spot, Flood, and Wide. To learn more about which beam angle you need, click here!

Where are mini LED floodlights typically used?

Mini LED floodlights are used in areas where low energy consumpiton is a priority. They operate on as little as 3W and can provide a large variety of light distribution. They are typically found in temporary job sites that run off generators. This is generally a side door light or a patio light.
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