Outdoor Hanging Lights

Outdoor hanging lights include fixtures from outdoor wall lights to patio lights to deck lights. They add style to outdoor spaces with styles for everyone. HomElectrical offers a wide selection of outdoor hanging lights at affordable prices!

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What is the purpose of outdoor hanging lights?

Outdoor lighting fixtures serve as exterior lighting, often as porch lights above or beside front doors. They light an area from dusk to dawn.

Many people do not consider them to be security lighting, so they use fewer watts or lumens, depending on the type of bulb. Their look and functionality add style. They commonly use a low voltage system as their common power source and are easy to install. Varieties include 10v, 12v and 24v.

Styles of outdoor hanging lights include:

  • Pendant
  • Lantern
  • Globe
  • Traditional
  • String

Outdoor pendant lights are the most common type.

What wattage do I need for outdoor light fixtures?

It depends. Outdoor incandescent lights typically run on 80 watts or lower. LED lights are becoming more popular due to their energy efficiency. Many companies label their products with watts because of familiarity. Use a conversion chart if a LED fixture shows watts (W) instead of lumens (lm.)

What is a UL marker?

UL, Underwriters Laboratories, work as a safety organization with the mission to label products safe for workers and consumers. Often seen on industrial equipment and home appliances, UL testing ensures wiring is correct and the device can handle conditions and energy that it claims.

For lighting fixtures, UL rating determine if a fixture or ceiling fan is safe for outdoors or in bathrooms. Listing include UL Listed, UL Listed for damp conditions, and UL Listed for wet conditions.

UL Listed

  • Works in dry locations, or an indoor space away from dampness
  • Ex. Kitchen and bedroom

UL Listed – Suitable for Damp Locations

  • Works in areas vulnerable to condensation, but not direct contact with water
  • Ex. Bathrooms and covered patios

UL Listed – Suitable for Wet Locations

  • Works in interior and exterior locations subject to water and other elements
  • Ex. Patios and showers
  • Not meant for water submersion

Not all lighting fixtures go through UL testing but that does not mean malfunctioning will occur. However, a UL rating is beneficial.

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