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Patio string lights at HomElectrical are made to provide you with year-round enjoyment while illuminating the area. Browse patio string light accessories including tensioning tools for catenary cables and plastic end caps for medium base light strings to provide long lasting brightness in your outdoor spaces!

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What are outdoor patio string lights?

Patio string lights are a form of decorative lighting that is typically used in an outdoor setting during seasonal or holiday events. Outdoor string lights can also be used as an additive to general lighting when needed.

A typical LED string light consists of an LED bulb suspended from a tubular socket that is strung across a cable. Although outdoor hanging lights are typically designed for simple removal and relocation, some models can be hardwired to a panel or electrical junction for a more permanent lighting solution.

Most types of string lights featured on HomElectrical will come with pre-installed LED bulbs for your convenience. The sockets can vary in structure based on the desired amount of light needed for your space:

  • In-line LED string lights are placed one after another along the cord for group lighting purposes.
  • Suspended LED socket lights consist of a single outlet installed at the end of the cord.

What accessories do I need for my patio lights?

To customize your outdoor entertainment space with patio string lights, you may need a few tools to enhance the protection and condition of your purchase:

  • End caps are available to enclose the ends of your cables and protect them from harsh outdoor elements.
  • A catenary cable tension tool ensures the support of the lighting structures by eliminating unwanted sagging caused by the weight of the individual fixtures over time.
  • An outdoor lighting or landscape transformer is used for reducing voltage levels in high quantities of lighting. Outdoor landscape transformers can come in various levels depending on the wattage output of the connected fixtures.

What is a Catenary Cable?

A catenary cable is a form of large wiring that is used to supply power to a structure while being able to sustain the additional weight of the object. Industrial catenary cables are commonly used as power lines or on bridges, cable cars, and ziplinings. In the world of lighting, catenary cables can be found in different types of street or festive lighting installations.

Patio string lights sold at HomElectrical utilize medium sized catenary cables for optimal durability in an outdoor setting. The use of this thicker wiring ensures support for the weight of each fixture while avoiding potential damage from external factors such as moisture.

What is a landscape transformer?

An outdoor transformer can be used with groups of LED string lights to adjust the input voltage levels for safer operation. With a step-down transformer, high current levels are reduced to lower values that comply with operational codes for lighting in the area. Landscape transformers will usually come in different ratings for different applications. For example, a NovaLux 100-watt transformer is made to reduce 120-volt fixtures to 12-15 volts for the safest operation.

Available models of outdoor patio light transformers featured on HomElectrical are box-like structures that are designed to be mounted on a wall. Some designs feature a door that provides ease of access to the wiring of the connected light fixtures.

How to use outdoor patio lights with a landscape transformer:

Before your transformer unit is mounted to a wall in your desired location, the bottom plate is removed to connect secondary wires to the terminal. Each wire must be paired with the correct voltage tap for proper operation of the landscape transformer.

While checking the amperage levels required for use with your transformer, your electrician may refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for additional information on amperage ratings in comparison to the size of your circuit. This will help to assist them in determining the system’s load prior to connection.

The connection of wiring to your transformer should only be done by an electrical professional to ensure the overall safety of your attached devices.

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