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By adding an LED Bullet light to your outdoor lighting, you can start saving energy by upgrading to LED landscape lighting.  LED bullet lights are the perfect way to add style to your space and reduce bulb maintenance.  Browse HomElectrical's selection today to check out our wide variety of LED bullet lights and tons of other LED lighting fixtures that will change the overall feel of your landscape today!

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Which halogen and HID bulbs will LED bullet lights replace?

LED bulbs are usually able to replace most everyday existing lights. LED bulbs, for most consumers, can be replaced directly because light bulb manufacturers have built in direct LED replacement bulbs to match the most common incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs.  The most common replacements is in a garage light fixture or a porch light lamp since they are dimmable which allow you to conserve even more energy than your old bulbs.

Can bullet flood lights be used indoor as well?

Bullet flood lights can be used indoors as well. Since they have a narrow beam angle, they are often used to direct light to a specific area or wall. Their fixture is durable and comes with many different design styles to add to the overall ambiance of your office space. By utilizing a bullet flood light, you can pinpoint a painting or a series of paintings with multiple fixtures. This is a great way to showcase or accentuate a particular area in a home or office.

What are the installation options for LED bullet flood lights?

LED Bullet Flood lighting is a versatile type of landscape lighting due to its wide variety of uses.  When you are selecting a Bullet flood light for your home or office, there are several mounting options.  You can choose from the following types of installations:

  • Bracket Mount
  • Direct Wire
  • Flagpole or Pole
  • Swivel Arm
  • Pipe Threaded

What kind of beam angle do bullet flood lights provide?

A LED Floodlight can produce a very wide beam angle of up to 120 degrees.  There are many different types of beam angles with flood lighting and they range from a narrow beam angle no more than 45 degrees all the way to the wider beam angle of 120 degrees.  The average beam angle is around 60 Degrees and can be used for wall washing or covering.  Check out our blog to learn more about LED beam angles.
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