LED Strip Light Retrofit Kit

Need to replace a fluorescent strip light? Before buying new fluorescent tubes, consider an energy efficient LED strip retrofit kit. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of LED strip light retrofit kits for your lighting needs at wholesale prices.

What is a strip light fixture?

A strip light fixture is an elongated, linear lamp primarily used for indoor lighting applications. An LED strip light fixture features more efficiency than fluorescent lamps but replacing them with LED fixtures comes with a greater cost. Use an existing fluorescent fixture with a retrofit kit for energy savings.

What is an LED strip retrofit kit?

A retrofit kit adds new technology into an existing fixture. An LED strip retrofit kit converts older strip light fixtures to LED lighting.

Why use a strip light retrofit kit?

Fluorescent strip fixtures typically require a ballast, more maintenance, and frequent bulb replacement. A retrofit kit allows the capability to continue using the current strip fixture while reaping the benefits of LED lighting.

Installing an LED fixture requires removing the entire outdated fixture: housing, ballasts, bulbs, in order to make way for the new fixture. Installing a retrofit kit requires less legwork. The outdated bulbs, and sometimes ballasts, are removed for the retrofit kit. The housing remains in place for future use.

Kits come in a variety of sizes, wattage, and color temperatures to suit your needs.

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