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Shop through a large variety of LED corn bulb accessories at HomElectrical! LED Corn bulbs are high efficiency lights that can easily replace traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights. Whether your'e looking to replace or retrofit your existing light fixtures, you can find the perfect connector adapter or external driver for your lighting needs! Make lighting installations simple with LED corn bulb accessories from HomElectrical. 

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What does a metal LED light bulb base connection adapter do?

The most common corn light bases are E17, E26, and E39. LED connection adapters are used to quickly convert lamp bases in order to make retrofitting to LED much easier. They are commonly used to convert medium bases (E26) to large mogul bases (E39).  Learn more about corn bulb bases here!

Do I need a metal LED light bulb base connection adapter for my LED corn bulb?

A metal connection adapter allows you to convert your light bulb's base from the standard E26 base to a large mogul E39 base. If your existing light fixture has a large mogul base (E39), the socket adapter can successfully convert the base of your corn bulb to fit the fixture. 

What bases does it adapt to for retrofitting?

LED corn bulbs will have three common screw-in (Edison) bases:

  • E17 base
  • E26 base
  • E39(mogul) base

Most lamp socket adapters are made of a high quality, high temperature, and corrosion resistant material. A bulb base adapter(converter) can easily enlarge your light bulb's socket from a medium E26 base to a large mogul base. If you need more help understanding which lamp base you need, check out our blog.

What is an external driver used for?

External drivers are used to keep the electrical current flowing through the LED circuit at their rated level of power. Since LED bulbs are designed for low voltage power, LED drivers are used to direct the correct amount of power and protect the light bulb from any fluctuations in the current. While most standard household light bulbs have an internal driver, larger commercial lighting fixtures will require an external driver. Sometimes it's much cheaper to simply replace th driver rather than replacing the entire fixture. Read more on our blog, Which LED Driver Does My Light Fixture Need?
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