Up to 175W Replacement - LED Corn Bulb

Start saving money with our full selection of LED corn bulbs at HomElectrical. These energy efficient LED lights are the perfect solution to replacing traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. Commonly used in post top lamps and bollard lights, these bulbs offer color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5700K. LED corn bulbs can provide a uniform color consistency and brightness for up to 50,000 hours. Requiring very little maintenance, these corn light bulbs are an easy replacement to traditional bulbs up to 175 watts. Shop and find the right light bulb for your lighting needs today!

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What does it mean when a corn bulb requires vertical mounting operation only?

We recommend installing corn light bulbs vertically, either base up or base down.  Corn light bulbs with higher wattages are typically too heavy for the screw-in socket on your light fixture. In order to relieve stress on the socket, these lights are better used vertically mounted, such as in post top lights, high bays and low bay fixtures, shoebox, parking garage fixtures, and other enclosed luminaires. 

Can a corn bulb replace a corn and globe fixtures?

Yes. LED corn bulbs and LED retrofit lamps are the ideal solution to replacing a variety of traditional lights. Although they may require the complete removal of the ballast or a ballast bypass, these retrofit bulbs will improve your light quality for up to 50,000 hours. Offering the same color and brightness for a fraction of the cost, LED corn bulbs are an energy efficient solution. Read more about LED retrofitting on our blog!

Are corn bulbs used indoors or outdoors?

LED corn bulbs can be used in pretty much any enclosed fixture and are UL listed for damp locations. They can easily be retrofitted into your existing light fixtures and can be plugged into several standard Edison bases (E26, E39, etc.) These LED corn lights are most commonly used in:

  • High Bay light fixtures
  • Low Bay light fixtures
  • Post top light fixtures
  • Teardrop outdoor light fixtures

How is the InstantOn technology activated?

The InstantOn technology allows for immediate lighting without any wasted energy  Unlike MH or HPS lamps, LED lights have an instant start up without the need to warm up first. Metal halide lamps don't achieve their full light output immediately after starting. They normally require about one to fifteen minutes to reach only about 90% of their full brightness. These lamps, once turned off (for example, during a power outage) normally need about 15 minutes or more to cut back on. Read more about the difference between HID and LED lights on our blog!
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