Commercial LED Downlight

Need energy efficient downlights for an office or business? A commercial LED downlight provides a compact ceiling light fixture for select lighting applications. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of commercial LED downlights at affordable prices.

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What are commercial LED downlights?

Commercial grade LED downlights contain higher quality parts designed to last longer and withstand harsher conditions. Commercial downlights also use more energy for higher light outputs for use in restaurants, stores, offices, galleries, and many other commercial buildings.

What commercial LED downlights are available?

  • LED recessed downlight fixtures- include fixture and housing
  • LED downlight retrofit kits- utilize existing downlight housing
  • Direct wire LED downlights- connect directly to existing wiring
  • LED pivoting downlights- move and adjust to light from different angles

Selection features include:

  • Select dimmable models
  • Lumens from 1000lm to 1300lm
  • Voltage ranges from 100V to 277V
  • Color rendering index from 80 to 90
  • Color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K
  • Select models with high performing Energy Star bulbs
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