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Rubbermaid is just one of the quality brand of plastic container products that we offer at HomElectrical. Our large selection of plastic containers offers many different kinds of storage containers or waste receptacles in different sizes and colors. Find a plastic container that suits your needs with HomElectrical.

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What can I use these plastic indoor cans for?

These plastic cans can be utilized in a variety of situations from cafeteria waste to civic buildings. They're designed to create a minimal impact on the surrounding area, and remain unnoticed until needed.

When should I use a lid for my trash cans?

While you can never go wrong with having a lid, there are certain situations where you should always use one for your trash cans. If your work involves lots of fine particles or food waste, then it might be a good idea to include a lid on your trash can. These lids keep odors in so they don't pollute the work area. They also keep fine particles inside the can, and keep bugs out.
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