Liquid Soap

Soap is always going to be necessary in every restroom and for the most economical way to supply soap, shop in our liquid soap category. HomElectrical has a great liquid soap category with popular brands such as Dial, SoftSoap, and Dove. Don't go to the stores and pay retail value for it. Give HomElectrical a try. Not only will you pay affordable prices, you will receive them before you know it.

What kind of dispenser should I use with liquid soap?

Make sure you use a dispenser listed for liquid soap and not one that's designed for foaming or heavy duty soap. Those are built to accommodate different soap consistencies, and may not work with your liquid soap refills.

Why should I use liquid soap?

Liquid soap requires users to build up a lather while washing their hands. This lather powers away germs and debris, and leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed.
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