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Our specialty wipe category is filled with wipes that you need to use on easy to scratch surfaces such as stainless steel. HomElectrical has a great collection of specialty wipes including KimWipes and stainless steel wipes. Take a look on our website for all the products we offer that are considered specialty wipes and the best part is that we are priced reasonably and affordably.

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Are wet wipes safe to flush?

While one wet wipe wouldn't clog your toilet, several can most definitely clog your drains. We do not recommend flushing paper towels, wet wipes, or non-flushable paper products down the drain.

What is the most absorbent material?

Materials made from absorbent materials like cotton, hemp, or polyester make the best cleaning solutions. This is why paper towels and microfiber towels are a better choice when it comes to large liquid spills.
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