1-Ply Tissue Roll

1-ply tissue rolls are well suited for older homes that don't have modern septic tanks. Thicker bath tissue can clog your plumbing system, but HomElectrical offers a wide selection of one-ply paper tissue that dissolves up to four times faster than 2-ply tissue paper. HomElectrical's selection of toilet paper includes Charmin, Cottonelle, Scott, and many other different brands. Find your ideal 1-ply tissue roll with HomElectrical.

What does the ply of toilet paper mean?

Ply is a term used to refer to the layers of paper. 1-ply is equivalent to one layer of toilet paper, while 2-ply is two layers of toilet paper.

What is toilet paper made of?

Most toilet paper is made from recycled bark, paper, and other natural fibers.

Are toilet paper rolls recyclable?

You can definitely recycle toilet paper along with their cardboard insert. They can be used for composting, and are completely biodegradable.
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