Odor Digester

Destroy that nasty order with odor digester. This will solve your odor problem. It will neutralize the odor on contact without hurting the environment. Get rid of odor in your toilet, septic tanks, grouts, and more. HomElectrical has a great selection of odor digester that will get rid of that unwanted smell. Shop at HomElectrical for great prices that are competitive and affordable. Get the best bang for your buck at HomElectrical.

What makes "Odor Digesters" different from deodorant?

Odor digesters don't just mask the scent of odors like deodorants do. They completely neutralize the scent at its source by destroying the chemical that is causing the smell.

When should I use an odor digester over deodorant?

Odor digesters should be used on spills in areas that are difficult to clean, or other accidents that create long lasting spills. Deodorants work better on temporary scents like bathrooms and trash cans, while odor digesters should be used on spills in carpet or areas where smells still remain after cleaning.
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