Wringer, Bucket & Pail

Now you have picked out your perfect mop head and mop handle on our website, it is time for your to look in our wringer, bucket & pail category. Don't run back and forth from the sink to rinse out your mop. HomElectrical has a great selection of wringers, buckets, and pails that is very competitively and affordably priced. Get the best bang for your buck at HomElectrical.

What is a Mop Wringer?

A mop wringer can be found on a mop bucket car or trolley. It allows the user to wring out a wet mop without dirtying their hands. This is usually located at the top of the bucket and has a lever that is pushed or pulled to wring the mop.

What is Mop Bucket used for?

A mop bucket is designed to hold water so that your mop can absorb fresh water while you are mopping. Our collection of buckets and pails are made from reliable materials including:

  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Heavy Duty Plastic

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