Mop Head

Buying the perfect mop does not have to be hard if you buy the right mop head and the right mop handle. When getting your mop, make sure the mop head and handle can be detached. That way, you can mix and match so it can be accustomed to each individual that cleans the floor. HomElectrical is your one stop shop to purchase your floor cleaning supplies at affordable prices.

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What is a Mop Head used for?

A mop head is attached to a pole or handle and used as a cleaning tool for getting rid of dust on a variety of surfaces. It can be made from:

  • Piece of cloth
  • Coarse strings
  • Sponge or any other absorbent materials

What is a mop wringer?

A mop wringer can be found on a mop bucket car or trolley. It allows the user to wring out a wet mop without dirtying their hands. This is usually located at the top of the bucket and has a lever that is pushed or pulled to wring the mop.

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