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Irwin Vise-Grips Tools is a top manufacturer of professional grade and high quality hand tools, power tools, and accessories. They produce innovative tools, including tool bags and sets, that are designed to solve your problems on every job! Shop HomElectrical now for a variety of Irwin Vise-Grips Tools!

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Fractional/Metric Tap, Hex Die & Machine Screw Set, 76 Piece
Designed to ensure that bolts fit tightly and anchor securelyPlug taps have 3 to 5 chamfered threads and are for...
Pro Utility Tool Organizer
This utility tool organizer has enough capactiy to carry a broad range of tools and accessories. This set up features...
High Carbon Steel Tap and HSS Drill Bit Sets
This steel tap and drill bit set features multiple drill bit sizes for a variety of uses. This tool has...
18 Blade Standard Thread Pitch Gauges
Standard thread pitch gauge measures the number of threads per inch. Metric thread pitch gauge measures the distance between threads...
High Carbon Steel Fractional Tap Set
This tool set is ideal for routine maintenance, repair work and for re threading where high acuracy and tolerance thread...
18'' Replacement Chain
This replacement chain is an exlusive part for Vise Grip locking tools. This chain is effective in many Vise grip...
High Carbon Steel 39 Piece Tap and Solid Round Die Super Set
This tap set features multiple tools that can easily be used in a wide variety of situations. This set will...
54 piece Machine Screw/Fractional Tap and Die Super Set
This tap and die super set features 54 high carbon steel tools for a versatile approach to any situation. This...
5.5-in Replacement Extension Chain for Model 20R
This 5.5-inch Chain is an exclusive part for your Vise Grip locking tools. This tool is great for your springs,...
High Carbon Steel Fractional Tap Set
This tool set is ideal for routine for maintenance,repair work and for re-threading where high accuracy is not a critical...
High Carbon Steel 12 Piece Tap and Re threading Pipe Die Set
This 12 piece tap and re-threading die set is perfect for tapping and re-threading a wide number of materials. This...
Replacement Spring for Vise Grip Locking Tool
This replacement spring is great for vise grip locking tools that have damaged springs. This tool is applicable for models...
$1.62Case of 5
Machine Screw/Fractional Tap and Die Super Set
This super set featurs 41 pieces for a great amount of versatility and control for a tap set. This set...
41 Piece Metric Tap and Die Super Set
This 41 piece set of metric tap and die tools is great for a large variety of uses. This tool...
53 Piece Metric Tap and Die Set
This set of tools features 53 pieces for an amazing tap and die set. These tools feature a hexagon die...
117 Piece Fractional/Metric Tap, Die and Drill Bit Deluxe Set
This massive 117 piece die and dril bit set is excellent for a wide number of situations. With such a...
5 Pocket Machinist Aprons
This 5 pocket apron is machine washable and features a bib style that provides full body protection. This apron has...
16'' Contractors Tool Bag
This large contractor tool bag features a large zippered storage compartment. This tool also has a removable shoulder strap and...
5/8'' 3 Piece High Carbon Steel Fractional Tap Set
This tool set features straight flutes that are grounded to provide rapid chip removal for efficient threading. This tool set...
Machine Screw/Fractional Tap and Die Combination set
This set of tap and die set is a great set for a variety of uses. This tool set includes...
Large Tool Organizer
This large organizer opens at the top for quck and easy access. This organizer has a durable plastic bottom that...
76 Piece Fractional /Metric Tap and Die Super Set
This amazing set features a massive 76 pieces tap and die set. This tool set is ideal for a number...
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