Irwin Vise-Grip HSS Drill

Irwin Vise-Grip HSS Drill is a top manufacturer of professional grade and high quality hand tools, power tools, and accessories. They produce innovative high speed steel drill bits that are ideal for any job with metal, wood, or plastic! Shop HomElectrical now for a variety of Irwin Vise-Grip High Speed Steel Drill Bits!

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What is the best drill bit for use with steel?

Cobalt drill bits are considered the best option for drilling.. HSS (High-speed steel) bits are considered the second choice for drilling into steel, because they cheaper than cobalt drill bits, but have similar reinforcement and work almost as well for drilling metal.

What are HSS drill bits made from?

Unlike a variety of steel products, HSS drill bits are not made from carbon-steel but instead made from a harder and more heat resistant tool steel. They are best for metal drilling, but also work for wood or plastic.
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