Irwin Vise-Grips Pliers

Irwin Vise-Grips Pliers is a top manufacturer of professional grade and high quality hand tools, power tools, and accessories. They produce innovative pliers, including cutting and mini pliers, that are perfect for any job in a variety of industries! Shop HomElectrical now for a variety of Irwin Vise-Grips Pliers!

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How are pliers used?

Pliers are made of a pair of metal levers joined together at a singular point. This arrangement creates a mechanical advantage, allowing the force of the hand's grip to be amplified and focused on an object with precision.

What are groovelock pliers used for?

Groovelock pliers are a great tool to use when needing to grip flat, round, hex, or square surface. These multi-use pliers are adjustable and are made easy-to-use with a molded grip, to keep your hands from hurting, and is easy to use on most surfaces.
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