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Keep your gas fireplace running effectively with the right gas fireplace accessories! Find replacement covers, surrounds, conversion kits, and decorative media like ceramic stone and pebble kits. Shop HomElectrical to find the right accessories for your fireplace!

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What types of gas fireplaces are there?

You can find liquid propane and natural gas fireplace options. Natural gas and liquid propane burn differently so they require different burner orifices.

Gas fireplaces can also differ in the way they vent. You can find B-vent, direct vent, and vent-free options.

  • B-vent, also known as natural vent, fireplaces use the air from inside the home or building. These options vent the fumes from combustion up through a single pipe. They can only vent through the roof. They cannot vent vertically.
  • Direct vent, a popular option, uses outdoor air to feed the fire. Direct vent natural gas and propane fireplaces use a double vent pipe with an inner chamber to exhaust or vent the fumes outside while the outer chamber brings in fresh air.
  • Ventless, or vent-free, units do not vent. These units burn extremely cleanly, which reduces the amount of fumes released to a level deemed safe enough for use. However, this means these units cycle the products of combustion, such as carbon monoxide, back into the room they’re installed in. For this reason, they’re banned in areas like California and Canada. Check local laws and codes before purchasing.

The type of venting determines some of the accessories you may need! Sierra Flame offers a direct vent chimney cap.

Can you convert a fireplace?

Certain fireplaces can convert to different fuel types, but this can take quite a bit of work. It’s not as simple as pulling out gas log sets from a gas fireplace and throwing in wood for a wood-burning fire. Each fireplace requires the proper venting for their fuel type. A gas unit cannot manage the amount or type of smoke generated by a wood fire and could lead to smoke filling the room or other safety hazard. Additionally, to switch from wood-burning to gas requires an extensive amount of work that requires a professional.

A gas fireplace insert or a gas log set works well to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace to gas. Inserts install into the existing masonry for an easy-to-use fuel alternative without needing the same extensive amount of renovation.

If you’re looking to convert from one gas fuel source to another, consider a gas fireplace conversion kit. This allows you to change from natural gas to liquid propane or liquid propane to natural gas. The conversion kit must work with your specified fireplace model to work safely and properly.

However, whether the unit can convert comes down to the manufacturing. Certain manufacturers designed gas fireplaces that allow for fuel conversion while others may not. Sierra Flame offers conversion kits for their specified gas fireplace models.

Because converting the fuel source involves a complicated process which must be performed safely and correctly, contact a professional to convert your fireplace.

Why do you need a ceramic stone kit?

Ceramic stone kits, pebble kits, lava rock, or other decorative media add decoration to your fireplace. Depending on the type of media used, they can help create a more realistic feel or add an artistic touch!

Not all decorative media can handle heat in the same way. Certain types of media can only work with certain types of fireplaces or in specific areas of the fireplace. Electric fireplace media cannot work in a gas fire for this reason. When choosing media for the fireplace, choose ones that work with your fireplace fuel.

What other accessories are there?

We carry a wide variety of accessories to make using your gas fireplace easy and convenience. Find the following options available for specified fireplace models:

  • Electronic ignition remote controls
  • Surrounds
  • Replacement covers
  • Termination kits
  • Flex extension kits
  • Galvanized adaptors
  • Glass kit for burner or tray
  • Propane tank cover for fire pits
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