How Does A Product Qualify To Be DLC Listed?

For a manufacturer to achieve DLC qualification for a lighting fixture, they must:

  • Submit a paid application

For the product to achieve DLC status, the product goes through three main tests:


  • This test measures an LED fixture as a whole system by measuring the fixture’s luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution, and luminous efficacy. This basically measures the total light output, the beam angle of the light, and the ratio of brightness (lumen) to power (watt). The test also measures certain electrical power and color characteristics of the light as well.


  • This test measures lumen maintenance of an LED module (not the whole system) by testing the luminous flux. The luminous flux is the total amount of energy of light emitted per second and is measured in Lumen. Lumen is the unit of measurement for how bright a light appears. The more the lumen, the brighter the light, and vice versa. This test also measures chromaticity, which is the quality of color, independent of its brightness.

In-Situ Temperature Testing

  • This test measures the temperature within the LED system with a process called, photometry. Photometry measures the amount, color, quality, and spatial distribution of light emitted from lamps, LED’s, and light fixtures. Learn how to save money with our LED Control Guide! 
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