Forest Lighting LED PAR Bulb

Find the right Forest Lighting PAR bulb for your next project. These dimmable LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and are perfect for any type of spot lighting or accent lighting. They are a very durable type of light bulb that has a strong and sharp light.

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What are PAR bulbs?

'PAR' stands for parabolic aluminum reflector and these bulbs have a sharp, focused light. These types of lamps are perfect for:

  • Display Lighting
  • Recessed Downlighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Outdoor Fixtures and more

What is the difference between PAR30 and PAR38 bulbs?

The number that follows 'PAR' refers to the diameter of the bulb that is 1/8 of an inch (ex: 30/8 = 3.75 inches). So the larger the number the bigger the bulb will be. A PAR 38 can replace a 100 watt PAR38 and PAR30 can replace 75 watt PAR30.
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